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Annual Keeping the Faith Breast Cancer Survivors' Luncheon

We Are One Big Support Group


Our 1st Annual Celebration was held at the Reno Hilton (now Grand Sierra Resort).  We were expecting 10 guests (because the tables sat 10-LOL).  Eighty-eight (88) people came, including: 5 men; Darlene Ayers-Johnson of Faith's organization, Friends of Faith;  and Faith's mother, Lillian Hamilton, who flew in from Tennessee.  The description you see that spells out Faith's name are the words she read to us.   We had a blast.   Friends of Faith organization  has dissolved but there is still a fund in her name at the Women's Cancer Resource Center in Berkeley, CA  We hope you will enjoy our celebration highlights.  Unfortunately, we don't have any photos from 2004, so we need yours if you attended.   Now, meet Faith!!

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Our Celebration was held at the Siena Hotel Spa Casino.  We had a blast with a fashion show by our good friend Jeannine with Beijo Handbags and Accessories. Even more people came and we had a full Health & Wellness Marketplace!! (Putting photo descriptions on all these galleries is on my list of things to do-LOL).

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We were back at the Siena and had a hat fashion show.  Come back later to see the photos.

Faith Fancher 1950-2003


Our Celebration was at the National Automobile Museum.  Guests were able to not only shop in the Health & Wellness Marketplace, but they also toured the museum.  Our praise dancers ministered during the opening ceremony and yep, that's me in a praise dance garment!!! They talked me into doing the opening number!! We practiced for weeks and kept it a secret until the opening ceremony of the luncheon.

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Back at the Siena Hotel Spa Casino, we had the pleasure of hosting our special guest, Vanessa Echols of Orlando, Florida.  I wasn't into reading a lot of survivor bios on line. I would just look at their pictures and get inspiration from that.  Perhaps it was because of my missed opportunity with Faith (as I think on it now).  However, Vanessa's face wouldn't leave my mind so after a few days, I clicked on her bio.  She was a news reporter with WFTV in Orlando!!!  Yes, I reached out to her immediately. We became girlfriends over email.  After her diagnosis in 2004, she formed an organization, Compassionate Hands and Hearts Breast Cancer Outreach.  She flew into Reno at her own expense for our celebration.  We had a blast.  The AVA Ballet of Reno and several other dance studios provided entertainment.  We also had Faith's documentary edited and Leesha Runnels helped us put together a nice CD that served as our luncheon invitation.  We even had a bowling party that evening following the luncheon.  Come back later and see the photos, but check out what Vanessa is doing in Orlando.

Come back later and see the photos, but check out what Vanessa is doing in Orlando.

Photos:  Alma McDaniel Photography.  Video:  Courtesy of Friends of Faith, Inc.

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