Strong Arm Breast Cancer Monthly Raffle

5 Survivors are randomly selected monthly to receive proceeds to offset the financial side effects of breast cancer

This month's campaign is for our December Giving Day 

Thanks to our Donors:




Blough, Ann

Bowen, Lori

Happ, Martha

Hinton, Terie

Keegan, Ray

Long, Lakita

McNeall, Eileen

Munroe, Darla

Olson, Judy

Palmer, Kristy

Porter, Leo

Reynolds, Truda

Runnels, Cassandra

Runnels, LeeSha

Sena, Jeannie

Shackleford, Arthurine

Soares, Kay

Von Rosenberg, Nancy

White, Sherry

Specify the raffle type and number of tickets for each in the NOTE SECTION of the donation link  


Our mission is to support breast cancer survivors now by celebrating wellness while other great organizations advocate and  search for a cure.  a 501 (c) (3) Charity

December 2018

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